1. Go through the electrophoresis virtual lab in the site below for answering the questions:

a. Describe the main purpose of DNA and Protein electrophoresis.

b. What are the two main ingredients that are used to make a DNA gel?

c. List the protein gel recipes that you learned from the class.

d. What is added to the DNA and protein samples to help visualize them while loading into the gel wells? e. Describe the migration pattern of different DNA sizes.

2. Perform the PCR virtual lab in this website:

a. What does PCR stand for?

b. What are primers?

c. What is the specific kind of DNA polymerase that is used in PCR? What is its function in PCR? d. Why are nucleotides added to a PCR reaction?

3. Watch the ELISA technique in YouTube and answering the below questions:

a. What does ELISA stand for?

b. Describe the main purpose of ELISA.

c. Explain the mechanism of ELISA.

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