Biography Report of President Porfirio Diaz


This is a biography report on President Porfirio Diaz. The report needs to be factual and informative. Select important facts and highlights and include an explanation about why you selected this particular historical figure. Select a subject which interests you and turn it into the instructor so that your choice may be approved. Include the following in your report:

I. Cover Page- The report will have a cover page with the appropriate information of the course and subject, as well as your name.

II. Historical Information of the Leader- Provide a one-page biographical sketch that illustrates the relevant story of this eminent figure.


III. Personal Reflection- Your report should contain your critical thoughts and reflections, and the significance of why the person is important, influential and unique. It must be written in your own words.


IV. Bibliography- the final page will show the works cited, following APA or MLA format. Always credit your report with proper citation and reference information. Papers without biography report will not be accepted.

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