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This here easy homwork just answer quastions as note form in 2 pages or 3 

all the answers on website just simple. 


Martin Luther King Outreach Center

 (Links to an external site.)


What is the history?

What is the Mission Statement?

How do they accomplish their mission?

What are the programs MLK Spokane offers?

Who is the Board?

Schedules of special events ?

What programs might have special policies/ laws that apply to them?

How do they operate their programs today?

What other significant things do you find about the center?


B. Geography

Find a map of 99202


Secondary Analysis

Look at (Links to an external site.)

Look up statistics for 99202

What is the area population?

What is the economic situation?

Who lives there?



C. Informal Content Analysis of Facebook Site

Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Outreach Center

How many people are on their site?

What are the topics discussed?

What attitudes/opinions do you see?





D. Search for news stories and other references to MLK

Look for news for these and other related topics you can think of:


Martin Luther King Outreach Center and Spokane

Martin Luther King Center and Spokane

MLK Spokane

Southeast Spokane

Board Members names

Executive Director’s name


E.  Benchmark

Look for other Youth and Family Service Orgs


F. Key Interview 

Visit with our Client and Q& A


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