Battling Crime D Q on Parenting

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Parental sources of self-control are cited as the most influential in establishing and reinforcing self-control in a child. This is so powerful that it is more influential than biological artifacts such as genetic predispositions that can lower one’s ability to display self-control and delay gratification. Self-control theory has become widely tested and built-upon by additional theorists, and like a few theories, it has become a source for policy and program development. Your task in this discussion question is to consider programs and policies that can improve self-control.


Please respond to the following questions:


  1. How should parenting be improved?
    • This is not as easy as it seems; sit down and really think about the theories over the last few units (self-control, social control, social disorganization, strain, etc.) and the reality of life (violence, income inequality, disparate treatment, historical conflict, etc.), and then think about how to improve parenting to then improve a child’s ability to regulate his or her behavior and delay gratification, consider the negative consequences, and weigh those consequences as more detrimental.
  2. A criticism of self-control theory is that as adults, it is already too late to instill levels of self-control that will inhibit criminality.
    • Do you agree with this?
    • What should be done with adults in the system? Are they a lost cause?


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    Battling Crime D Q on Parenting

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