Barriers to Evidence-based Nursing Practice In order for evidence-based nursing practice

: Barriers to Evidence-based Nursing Practice

In order for evidence-based nursing practice to be successful, it must be accepted and supported by nursing leadership and the bedside nurse.

  1. Please interview a nurse leader and a bedside nurse concerning their perspectives on the barriers to the use of evidence-based nursing practice in their clinical settings.
  2. Describe the barriers identified and provide interventions/solutions that are identified in the literature and that may alleviate the barriers.
  3. End your discussion with a reflection on how you will enact the role of evidence-based nursing practice champion in your clinical area.
  4. Provide at least three citations with full references to credible nursing scholarly articles supporting your definitions and discussion.

Please carefully review the Discussion Board grading rubric in the grading rubrics section of the Course Home.

In order to earn full discussion points, the following criteria must be met in full:

1.     Provide an initial post on or BEFORE Saturday.

2.    Post more than 2 comments per Discussion topic on separate days  (resulting in total participation on three different days throughout the discussion). At least two comments include a citation.

3.    Frequently attempt to motivate the group discussion.

4.    Answer all discussion question points with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using several outside, peer-reviewed sources (Scholarly sources… NOT internet sites).

5.    No errors with APA format.

6.    Consistently use Standard American English with no misspellings. Appropriate mechanics and formatting.


7.    The initial post must at least 200 words.  This does not include repeating the DB question or the citations and references.

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