Assignment About Brazil


 Write about Brazil, United states is just an example in the question.



- PLEASE answer the question that is being asked, and follow all directions

- Type everything

- Please provide your answer in NOT MORE than one page

- Write in paragraph form, with complete sentences (NO TABLES, no bullet, no listing)

- If at all possible, avoid long sentences as they tend to lead to grammatical problems

- Given the question I have asked for this assignment, have ONLY one paragraph

- Cite the source(s) of your information where appropriate (e.g.: Peterson, 2015).

- However, do not have a reference section

- Font: Times New Roman, size 12 (as in this assignment)

- Have a header with ONLY the following:

            Your name

            Assignment #13: Acquisitions in international business




Identify one foreign MNE that has entered your country through an acquisition and discuss the possible reasons why it (the acquirer) has chosen to acquire another firm (the target).

To help you write a good answer, do the following (in ONE paragraph please):

In one sentence, give the name of one foreign MNE that made an acquisition in your country (for example: One MNE that made an acquisition to enter the United States is Bridgestone). In three to five sentences, discuss at least two reasons for making the acquisition.

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