WAN Technologies Paper: Research Point-to-Point (dedicated), Packet Switched, and Circuit Switched WAN protocols/circuits/types.  Define each protocol and describe at least two data transmission technologies associated with the protocol.  Include the bandwidth limitations of each technology and protocol.

Support your information and make sure all information sources are appropriately cited.

The paper must use APA 6th ed., 7th printing formatting and contain a title page, 2 pages of content, and a minimum of two peer-reviewed references.

Your assignment will be graded based on the rubric, which can be viewed when clicking on the assignment submission link above.

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WAN Protocols and Connection Technologies - Cisco IOS
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WAN Protocols and Connection Technologies - Cisco IOS. Frame Relay, Broadband, Cable, DSL, Fiber, FTTH, FTTP, L2TP, PPTP, encapsulation, protocols, ..


The University of Greenfields would like to expand their civil engineering department and have been seeking a suitable location to construct an integrated administrative and teaching complex.

The buildings will have lecture theatre and tutorial rooms, accommodation and administrative facilities and should ideally be within a 3 mile radius of the main university campus.

A major design requirement is that BREEAM environmental standards are met. BREEAM, (Building Research Establishments Ltd Environmental Assessment Method) which helps further education colleges to set environmental targets, is not only important to the University but to Local Government also and will have a major influence in obtaining planning permission.

 The local council has proposed a disused factory site, the Car Build Industrial Estate. Although the site is now derelict and will require clearing before any construction can take place it is just 2 miles from the University main buildings providing ease of access between departments. The site is close to a recently extended main road connecting Greenfields town center with a large housing development, Newtown, which has a reliable and frequent public transport service.

As part of a national conservation initiative, supported by the University, a cycle path has been built along an old drained canal route which runs from the town center, along the perimeter of the Industrial Estate and onto Newtown.

The expansion of the University has attracted a lot of publicity and strong feeling both for and against the development. The business community sees the increase in student population as very positive whilst residents of Newtown are concerned that the increased traffic will cause excessive congestion. In addition, a local environmental group have raised the problem of site clearance saying that Car Build Industrial Estate had been used for the disposal of hazardous material. The Group say that although the material is safe if undisturbed, removing it will necessitate quarantining the area and closing the cycle way and half of the adjoining main road for some 3 months.

You have been hired as the new risk Lead for this project and have been asked to implement a realistic management process. With the project being in a very early stage estimates of time and cost are considered unreliable but guidance on obtaining more accurate estimates is needed.

  1. List 8 Stakeholders in the project.


      B.   State the main objectives and success criteria for the project


      C.State 5 risks that may occur on this project.


        D.   For 2 (two) of the stated risks state who (in your opinion) should the potential owner be?




1)            A large, one-year telecommunications project is about halfway done when you take the place of the previous project manager. The project involves three different sellers and a project team of 30 people. You would like to see the project's communications requirements and what technology is being used to aid in project communications. Where will you find this information?


A. The project management plan

B. The information distribution plan

C. The bar chart

D. The communications management plan


2)            Project information has been distributed according to the communications management plan. Some project deliverables have been changed in accordance with the project management plan. One stakeholder expressed surprise to the project manager upon hearing of a previously published change to a project deliverable. All stakeholders received the communication containing notification of the change. What should the project manager do?


A. Determine why the stakeholder did not receive the information and let him know when it was published

B. Ask the functional manager why the stakeholder did not understand his responsibility

C. Review the communications management plan and make revisions if necessary

D. Address the situation in the next steering committee meeting so others do not miss published changes


3)            During the middle of the project, things have been going well. The work authorization system has allowed people to know when to start work, and the issue log has helped keep track of stakeholders' needs. The benefit cost ratio has been improving, and the sponsor has expressed his appreciation for the team members' efforts by hosting a milestone party for the team. The project manager gets a call from a team member saying that the results from the completion of their activity's predecessor is two days late. Which of the following reasons would BEST describe why this occurred?


A. The project manager was focusing on the sponsor's needs

B. Functional management was not included in the communications management plan

C. The successor activities should have been watched, not the predecessors

D. The right people were not invited to the milestone party




4)            Contract close out is similar to close project in that they both involve:

a. Scope verification

b. Kickoff meetings

c. Quality assurance activities

d. Creation of the scope verification plan



5)            Project scope is:

A.            All the work that must be done in order to deliver a product according to the specified features and functions, only.

B.            The features and functions that are to be included in a product or service.

C.            A narrative description of work to be performed under contract.

D.            a and b

E.            all of the above


6)            According to PMBOK, project management processes are organized into following order of process groups:

A.            Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing

B.            Designing, developing, testing, and implementing

C.            Initiating, designing, planning, executing, controlling, and closing

D.            Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing


7)            Which of the following statements concerning contract type is correct?

A.            A fixed price contract contains the most risk for the buyer.

B.            Cost reimbursable contracts offer sellers the highest profit potential.

C.            Time and materials contracts are hybrid of cost reimbursable and fixed-price contracts..

D.            Unit price contracts are illegal in many jurisdictions.



8)            You are responsible for ensuring that your seller's performance meets contractual requirements. For effective contract administration, you should:

A.            Hold a bidders conference

B.            Establish the appropriate contract type

C.            Implement the contract change control system

D.            Develop a statement of work


9)            Sam Consultancy is planning to buy ten desktops for $1500 each from a leading computer store. Which type of contract will get signed in this case?

A.            Purchase Order

B.            Cost plus Fee

C.            Fixed cost

D.            Time and Material


10)          Which of the following statements concerning contract type is correct?

A.            A fixed price contract contains the most risk for the buyer.

B.            Cost reimbursable contracts offer sellers the highest profit potential.

C.            Time and materials contracts are hybrid of cost reimbursable and fixed-price contracts..

D.            Unit price contracts are illegal in many jurisdictions.



4. 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill


A quality management system is only as effective as management’s dedication and insistence to adherence and accountability.  Documentation and audit schedules aren’t enough.  The system will only be as effective as the people in the organization and the investment in training, inspiring and leading employees as they take responsibility for the system’s operation and results.


The explosion of BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20th, 2010 ranks as the biggest manmade environmental disaster in US history. The explosion killed 11 on-board workers, and discharged 4 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, before the leak was sealed on July 15th 2010. On top of widespread damage to Gulf marine wildlife and tourism industries, BP faced a slew of lawsuits, and forked out over $4.5 billion in fines and payments.


The overarching cause was a quality management failure. Contractors did not test the weak cement around the oil well, which failed to contain hydrocarbons within the reservoir and allowed flammable gas and liquids to flow up the production casing. Technicians misinterpreted fluid pressure tests, and gas passed through the ventilation system into the engine room, paving the way for ignition. After the explosion, the oil rig’s blow-out preventer located on the sea-bed failed to activate and seal the well.


Three corporations were implicated: BP for the flawed well design, Transocean as the owners of the rig, and Halliburton as the contractor who provided the bungled cements.



1. How will you ensure an efficient and effective quality management processes and procedures in you projects If you were working at BP. Relate all submissions to the case.


 Please sight your sources of information. You are not to copy and paste from your sources. Provide your own thoughts based off your sources. 

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