Project Assignment #1:  Making an Ethical Decision (15%) due  in Assignment Folder

In this assignment,  respond to a short case scenario demonstrating an understanding of an ethical dilemma and the ethical theories presented in the course and how they apply to decision making in the case scenario.

Required Elements of Project Assignment #1 – Making an Ethical Decision:

Read critically and analyze the case scenario provided below (scroll down).   

Complete all parts of the analysis of the case scenario as described below.


1.    Introduction:  Write a brief 1 paragraph introduction to your analysis.

2.  Ethical Dilemma:  Define the ethical dilemma using the either/or dilemma format to define the options and possible consequences of each option; refer to Student Toolbox for examples/info about defining ethical dilemmas.

3.   Decision Analysis:   This section is comprised of a discussion of 3 possible answers/decisions to the question “What would you do?" in the situation described in the case scenario. 

Discussion analysis should include all of the following, labeling each part 3A, 3B, 3C,3D:

3A. Decision 1: 

  •          Define a possible decision 1
  •          Explain 1 ethical theory we have covered in the course and how this first theory might apply to guide and justify Decision 1 in this case

3B. Decision 2:

  •                      Define a possible decision 2
  •                      Explain a second ethical theory we have covered in the course and how this second theory might apply to guide and justify Decision 2 in this case

3C. Decision 3:

  •          Define a possible decision 3
  •          Explain a third ethical theory we have covered in the course and how this third theory might apply to guide and justify Decision 3 in this case

 3D. Compare and Contrast: Compare and contrast the 3 decisions by discussing:

(1)  Decision 1: 

  •          Pros/cons of Decision 1
  •          How Decision 1 directly addresses/resolves the ethical dilemma described above

(2) Decision 2:

  •          Pros/cons of Decision 2
  •          How Decision 2 directly addresses/resolves the ethical dilemma described above

(3)Decision 3:

  •          Pros/cons of Decision 3
  •          How Decision 3 directly addresses/resolves the ethical dilemma described above

4. Decision Choice:  Choose 1 decision from the 3 possible decisions discussed above that you consider to be the best resolution of the ethical dilemma and explain why in detail, and comprehensively

  •          Also, include discussion of pros/cons future implications, possible consequences in your discussion.


4. Conclusion:  Write a summary of ideas and ethical concepts discussed in the paper in 5.  5.  References:  in APA format


Required Format for Project Assignment #1:

  •          Double-spaced, 12-point font, approximately 3-4 pages in length (but can be longer),  excluding title and references pages;
  •          Title page:  include assignment name, your name, date
  •          Label parts using subheadings listed above
  •          Write in the 3rd person style (refer to Student Toolbox for details and examples of 3rd person writing
  •          Use APA formatting for in-text citations
  •          Paraphrase info from resources/readings (remember, even paraphrasing requires an in text citation)
  •          Do not use direct quotes from resources/readings
  •          Submit to Assignment Folder

Ethical Decision Scenario - Assignment 1

Jan is Assistant Director for Human Resources (HR) for Fabrics, Inc., a small-sized family owned fabric manufacturer and distributor. 

Hiring at Fabrics is a multi-step process.  The Director for HR screens resumes, conducts initial interviews, and selects top applicants for final interviews.  Resume information is verified by the Director for HR prior to final interviews.  

Final interviews are conducted by Fabrics’ Hiring Committee comprised of the Director for HR, Jan, the Executive Vice President for HR, the Director for the specific department for which applicants are interviewing, and the company Executive Vice President.  The Hiring Committee votes to determine final hires. 

While reviewing resumes for candidates prior to final interviews for the position of Director for Sales, Jan remembered that one of the candidates, Lynn, was a former colleague when they were both employed at Ace Corporation.  Lynn’s resume claims three years’ experience as an Assistant Director for Sales at Ace.  Jan did not personally know Lynn while working at Ace, but Jan knows that Lynn was an Assistant Director for Advertising, not Sales, at Ace.  Jan also knows that Lynn left Ace to become Assistant Director for Sales at a competitor company for five years. 

Lynn is considered by the Hiring Committee to be the top candidate for the Director for Sales position at Fabrics.

What should Jan do?

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