Assignment 1 Privacy Web Sites

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IS 3003 – Assignment 2   Privacy Web Sites: 10 points


·       Assignments must be submitted through the assignment icon on Blackboard – I will not accept assignments through e-mail

·       You can type your answers directly into the Submission Box or you can attach them in a Word Document – they must be in Word in order to insure that I can open and read your file

·       Make sure you answer ALL of the questions and be sure to note that sometimes there are multiple parts to a question

·       Your answers do not need to be lengthy, but usually several sentences are preferred instead of just several words

·       Make sure you have actually answered what the question is asking

·       Do NOT just cut and paste the information from the web site – make sure you answer in your own words!

·       Do NOT wait until the last minute to access these web sites in case there are any technical problems accessing the sites – I will NOT extend the deadline.

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    Assignment 1 Privacy Web Sites

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