Assessing the Business Value of Outsourcing Business Case



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Resources: Ch. 2 and Ch. 7 of Management Information Systems for the Information Age


Scenario: The IT leadership team has determined that the organization needs to modernize its existing network by moving to a cloud-based architecture. To execute on this decision a feasibility study for the business case needs to be completed and assembled for corporate leadership and finance to review in order to approve the business case. Your role is to research the existing cloud-based architecture used by Denver Health and determine if this structure is viable for your organization. This will become part of the business case that will move through the organization for consideration. Per the directions below, you will need to consider:


Write a 1000-word minimum Business Case using Microsoft® Word that addresses the following:

  • What needs prompting Denver Health to adopt a Private Cloud/Thin Client solution and virtual applications?
  • What are the advantages in adopting this cloud structure compared to the existing structure and another optional structure? 
  • Would this cloud structure work for other enterprises in other industries?
  • What security risks and issues might Denver Health face with this Private Cloud/Thin Client and virtual application solution?

Cite and list at least three different sources for this assignment.

Format your document consistent with APA guidelines. Include title page, conclusion, and cite any references within the text, and include a cited reference list.


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