As a Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) counselor, I may experience limitation in my scope of counseling as a method of relieving distress. In this case I will resort to the other known grounds for intervention that would also be helpful to the client. I would engage the client concerning these alternative grounds .for my peer who has a limitation in the extent of his professional competence, my reply would be that he ensures that he is always aware of developments in the clinical medical counseling field. He should be engaged in regular practice and have training that is periodic aimed at refreshening.The training should be in terms with the principles of continuing professional development. A great lesson from this discussion that would help in dealing with my limitations is that I should not at any moment make claims of my competence or training that are false. I should at all time check on my professional functioning and in the case of any doubt, look for help where the needs of my clients differ with my daily ability to deliver (clinical mental health counselling, 2016).

Characteristics and behavior of CHMC counselors are as follows: flexible; they recognize the dynamic professional and interpersonal environment and are able to adjust their response to changes. In the case they are directed, they are able to adjust their own response accordingly. They have awareness of their impact on others. They therefore are cautious concerning their words and actions and how they impact other people. They use the feedback from their actions and words to better their advice (clinical mental health counselling, 2016).

CMHC counselors recognize their role amidst a situation and engage the problem solving efforts they have. They accept personal responsibility. They welcome criticism from other people concerning their professionalism. They take up their mistakes and use them for improvement. They are ready to accept feelings of other people and acknowledge them. They pay attention to considerations that are legal and ethical. They therefore handle the clients in a personal and-professional way. They are sensitive to diversity and ensure their clients are safe to the best level. They are confidential with the clients(Gladding, Newsome & Gladding, 2010).

On evaluating my characteristics and those of my peers, the strength that comes out is our sensitivity to diversity. This would be of great help to us in ensuring the best is attained concerning our counseling. My limitation is scope of counseling and in this case I will always check on other available methods with the involvement of client.








    • 8 years ago