Article Review


Article reviews give you an opportunity to research and learn about current events that affect compensation and benefit practices. Their purpose is to demonstrate how information covered in this course applies to the current business world.

This week you begin by researching a current business article based on one of the topics we have discussed thus far.

  • Legal Environment
  • Job Analysis
  • Job Evaluation

For article sources, try:

You may also look for articles at our online college library:

Once you have selected an article, you will create a 1-page analysis including the following sections:

1.      Author – List who wrote the article

2.      Title – List the title of the article

3.      Source – List the name of the article’s source as well as the date of the publication (e.g. New York Times, Aug. 3, 2005)

4.      Summary – This is a brief summary (1 paragraph) of the article

5.      Key Points – List at least 3 points that reflect how this article relates to the topic for the week.

6.      Reaction – This is a 1-2 paragraph analysis of what you learned from reading the article.

Your final paper must contain the six sections mentioned above, use standard type sizes and margins, and reflect proper grammar and spelling

Evaluation Criteria:

  • 10% of this assignment grade will be based on the timely submission of the assignment
  • 20% is based upon following the proper format and  utilizing proper grammar and spelling
  • 70% is based upon the content (summary, key points, reaction)
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