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Final Reflective Paper - (10 Points)

Due Tuesday December 6, 2016 

Post your Final Reflective Paper in the Discussion Board under, "Final Reflective Paper".

The final is a reflective paper concerning the phenomenology of your personal journeythrough this class.   

This paper will be divided into three sections.

Each section will be a minimum of two pages in length, double-spaced, 12 font and requires two citations from readings, lectures, videos and/or comments posted in the class Discussions in each section.  Total 6 pages. 

You will reflect upon the lectures, documentaries seen, activities and assignments that you participated in as the basis for these reflective papers.

Section 1:   Describe the influence of the arts on shaping human values, and of human values in shaping the context, form, and practice of the various art forms.

Section 2:    In this class we witnessed the emergence of representative voices from varying social and cultural standpoints.  Discuss your personal experience with hearing and contemplating these voices and perspectives.

          - How did this affect your sense of values?   

          - What is the role of art in this "emergence"?  

Section 3:   In looking at art and working and communicating with each other in this class, we confront the border.  In these moments of this encounter, our values sometimes become lost, may be displayed in their worst natures and may have been a divisive and destructive force.   In this class we, unfortunately, on occasion may have heard and experienced negative and unkind remarks about our classmates, their ideas, perspectives and their works.  At times, we may have not respected our fellow classmates and may have not done our best work.  Sometimes, we confront our own limitations, as we have asked difficult questions this term and as we have looked at controversial art and artists.  

  • How did you negotiate any encounters of personal or collective bias, prejudice, intolerance, and/or discrimination?  
  • What is the role of the arts in social change?


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