Argument essay about religion.


Religion Has Done More Good than Harm throughout Human History


Religion Has Done More Harm than Good throughout Human History

Use one of the titles above, or come up with your own title.


You can not just say religion is good or bad. the question of wheter it is good or bad is determined by mankind and how religion is practiced and interoreted by individuals.

Take a position and support your position. this is an argument essay. Convince your reader that your position is correct. Do not try to give storng arguments on both sides. 


you can discuss that aspects of religion related to morality.

you can discuss whether you belive there is a god.

you can give examples of your religion(or lack of religion) and tell why you believe that you views are correct.



Give a brief history of religion, which was invented, of course, by mankind.

2 Cite expert sources and use at least four "direct quotes." Use at least four sources.

You can not use the quotes in the essay with your own words. you have to use at least four "Direct Quotes." When you use quotes, use the exactly sentences from the sources, and put the quotation mark on it.  As long as you have four "direct quotes." then you can use the quotes with you own word in the essay.

3 Give specific examples of the "good" or "bad" that religion has done.

4 This essay must be form 4 to 6 pages long.

5 Works Cited page need.

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