Application: Recommending Books for a Preschool Classroom Library


This week you have focused on the vital role that children's literature can play in developing a range of early literacy skills and you have been introduced to guidelines for selecting quality books to use with young children.

For your Application assignment this week, imagine that you are a preschool teacher. Your program director has asked you to review a variety of children's books and recommend eight of them—four fiction storybooks and four nonfiction, informational books—to add to your preschool classroom library. You're thrilled to have this opportunity and, because you share your director's belief that high-quality books not only foster early literacy learning but also inform children's development and thinking, you decide to use research-based, trusted guidelines to help you make your decision.

To complete this Application, do the following:

Step 1: Plan and Prepare

  • Identify a library or bookstore in your area with a quality collection of books for children ages 3–5 .
  • Click the link below to download and print out your Children's Literature Selection Chart that will help you complete this assignment:

    Children's Literature Selection Chart

  • Review the chart for information you will need to provide about each book.
  • Review "Ten Steps for Reviewing Children's Books."

Step 2: Review and Select

  • Bring the following materials with you:
    • A printed copy of the Children Literature Selection Chart for taking notes on the eight books you select (or, if you have a laptop computer, you may choose to complete the chart electronically on site)
      Please Note: You will need to submit your completed version of the Children Literature Selection Chart.
    • A printed copy of "Ten Steps for Reviewing Children's Books"
    • Text resources you choose to bring with guidelines for selecting quality books
  • Keep these points in mind as you review books:
    • You may select recently published books and/or older books.
    • Make your recommendations based on the "Ten Steps for Reviewing Children's Books," other guidelines for judging quality, and opportunities for learning from and taking joy in a book's content and illustrations.
    • Consider the range of diverse learners in a preschool program.
    • Think about whether you and the children will find each book engaging.
  • Complete the chart.

Step 3: Reflect

Considering what you have learned in your coursework, summarize the following in a Reflection:

  • Your experience of reviewing and choosing books to recommend.
  • Insights you gained or misconceptions corrected about selecting quality books for young children.
  • Suggestions for the library or bookstore you visited concerning their children's literature collection, such as sharing recommendations based on the anti-bias guidelines.

Submit both your written Reflection and your completed Children's Literature Selection Chart.

Assignment length: 2–3 pages

This assignment is due in 12 hours or less

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