Anthropology #5


I need these questions to be fully answered and with good quality.


Group 9:


1.)  If producing and selling your own products can be more profitable and beneficial to your country, why do countries like Zambia, whom inherit our secondhand clothing, choose to abandon their own textile factories to buy and sell American clothing?


2.)  Why does our nation continue to contribute our secondhand clothes when we know it is destructive to other nations economies? What could we contribute instead of clothes that will be more helpful?

Group 10:


1.)  When it comes to economic crisis of a country should other countries get involved, if so why or why not. When outside institutions get involved who really benefits?  When other countries need help, are we helping enough by donating our used things?  Or should we get more involved if possible? 


2.)  Do you think the countries in Africa, such as the example that was privided in the T-shirt Travels video we saw last week, will ever be able to once again produce their own clothing and other textiles on a large enough scale to supply all of the people of said country at an affordable price? Why or why not? What do you think could make it possible?


3.)  Do you believe free trade should always be in place? Meaning do you believe that there should be no barriers and quotas for importing and exporting goods between countries?

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