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  1. Why did there need to be constant novelty, rapid turnover, and built-in obsolescence in American products in the 1950s? On whom did this become a burden?
  2.  Discuss the fear and condemnation expressed by some critics of mass culture in America after World War II. Specifically, what flaws were masked by suburban mass culture? What alarmed Vance Packard and Lewis Mumford about mass culture?
  3. What are your views about suburban life in 1950s America. How was it both the best of times and the worst of times? For those who experienced it as young couples, how might life in the 1950s have been the fulfillment of consumer dreams? How might it have turned out to be less than a dream? What television shows and Hollywood movies have helped to shape students’ views of the 1950s?

(Answers should be in the form of short, well-written paragraphs free of spelling and grammatical errors)


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