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Victor Frankenstein begins by describing to the reader his childhood. He explains how his mother took in an orphan, Elizabeth, when they were in Italy when he was five. He talks about how he had a great childhood and was very happy. He does, although, briefly mention that his "temper was sometimes violent," and so he shifted that passion onto learning (Shelley 23). Victor says he is very interested in the soul of man and the "physical secrets of the world" (Shelley 23). This foreshadows what happens later on; Victor's creation of an animate creature. He was interested in the anatomy of humans and spent very long studying it. His mother, throughout Victor's life, said that she wanted him and Elizabeth to get married; it was her dying wish. Instead, Victor goes away to Ingolstadt to attend the university there. While in Ingolstadt, he isolates himself from society and focuses on this scientific project. He worked so hard on it that he seemed "to have lost all soul or sensation but for this one pursuit" (Shelley 40). He created this monster that began to haunt him. If he had not created this thing, his brother, William, would still be alive. Also if the creature did not exist, Justine, who was living with Victor's family, would not have been framed for the murder. If he had stayed in Geneva and married Elizabeth, he would not have had the time or the ability to isolate himself like he did. The events in his childhood like bringing Elizabeth into their family and his mothers death led Victor to where he is now, which led him to Ingolstadt to create this creature. Even though he only mentioned his temper briefly, it may have been worse than that, and he may have needed this distraction in order to stay sane, although it ended up depriving him of his health. 

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