1. What guidelines should you follow when summarizing and paraphrasing?
[removed] Both should be stated in your own words and both require citation. The difference is that summary is shorter in relation to the length of the original source.
[removed] Only paraphrasing requires citation because it is in your own words; summary, on the other hand, is common knowledge and therefore does not require citation.
[removed] Summary and paraphrase are the same thing, and neither one requires citation of the original source.
[removed] Only paraphrasing is permitted in most college writing, and summary should be avoided. Paraphrasing is permitted, and should be cited.
2. If a student recycles an old paper of her own for a new class. She is...
[removed] Within the rules because the paper is her intellectual property.
[removed]Within the rules only if she significantly revises the original before turning it in.
[removed]Within the rules if she incorporates additional sources so that the paper is more up to date.
[removed]Within the rules if she consults the teacher of the new course and receives permission.
3. Which of the following strategies is acceptable at IU?
[removed] Significantly revising a paper you’ve found on the web to make it your own.
[removed]Collaborating with a classmate on a paper by having a friend write part of it.
[removed]Filling in from memory citation information that is pretty accurate.
[removed]All of the above.
[removed]None of the above.
4. Common knowledge is...
[removed] Information that makes a common argument.
[removed]Factual information that is reasonable and clear.
[removed]Factual information that is readily found in a number of sources.
[removed]Information that is posted on the world wide web.
5. When quoting a passage in your source that is a quotation from someone else, you...
[removed] Must look up the original quotation and cite that source.
[removed]Can attribute the quotation to the second author and not worry about the original.
[removed]Should never use a quotation within a quotation in research papers.
[removed]Must cite it in such a way that your reader knows this is a quote within a quote.


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