Annotated Bibliography HW Assignment about Aviation Safety



Annotated Bibliography HW Assignment

Homework #2

Due: By midnight on Sunday of Module 3



The annotated bibliography serves as a foundational work for your research in this course. It will help you develop some “expertise” on your topic, understand the types of conversations taking place in the scholarly literature, identify sources that will be used in your Analytical Report (AR), and help you spot a gap in the literature that will form the basis for your primary research question.


This assignment is worth 50 points, but it has greater implications than just this one grade. The annotated bib will serve as the foundation for your Literature Review in the AR, and it will significantly impact the quality and depth of your research. In other words, put effort into this assignment, and it will pay dividends when you are writing your AR.




After conducting an extensive search for relevant sources, choose 5 sources that are most applicable to your narrowed topic. For each source, you will include a separate entry in your annotated bibliography. Follow the structure below for each individual entry.


As we discussed in class, these sources need to represent a variety of source depths, and they must be credible sources regarding your particular topic. In other words, a lot of random websites, dictionaries, or encyclopedias (yes, including Wikipedia) will not count. They must be credible articles, books, or reports from scholarly journals, trade publications, government agencies, reputable news agencies, journalists, or companies. If you include something that wouldn’t be considered a scholarly source, you will lose points on this assignment.


This assignment will be graded on content, format, grammar and mechanics, and the caliber and appropriateness of the sources.


For more specific info and examples for APA Annotated Bibliographies, check out


Entry Structure

Each Annotated Bib entry (1 entry for each of the 5 sources) should be approximately 125-225 words and follow this structure:


1.     Correct APA citation as the heading

2.     One brief paragraph that summarizes the source’s content/arguments

3.     One paragraph that evaluates how the source fits into the overall literature on this topic as well as how you expect to use the source in your own research.

Ø  You may also want to include a discussion of the source’s credibility, possible biases, the quality of the discussion and its timeliness. Or you may include quotations you expect to use in your AR.

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