The American Psychiatric Association estimates that the majority of people with anorexia

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Q Weight Control and Nutritional Needs
1.   The American Psychiatric Association estimates that the majority of people with anorexia nervosa are
  A. young boys or men.
  B. male athletes.
  C. young girls or women.
  D. elderly women.
2.   When oxygen is scarce, cellular pyruvic acid is converted to
  A. ATP.
  B. glucose.
  C. fatty acids.
  D. lactic acid.
3.   Which athlete would be least likely to develop iron-deficiency anemia?
  A. A male distance swimmer
  B. A female gymnast
  C. A male basketball player who is a vegan
  D. A female marathon runner
5.   Fat stored mainly around the hips and thighs is termed _______ fat patterning.
  A. triangular
  B. apple-shaped
  C. pear-shaped
  D. circular
8.   In the United States, how is economics related to health?
  A. People with lower incomes have higher rates of obesity.
  B. People with lower incomes have lower rates of obesity.
  C. People with higher incomes have higher rates of obesity.
  D. Economics has no effect on health status.
9.   For men, the risk of chronic disease increases with a waist circumference above _______ inches.
  A. 40
  B. 42
  C. 38
  D. 44
10.   An apple-shaped fat pattern increases the risk for
  A. osteoporosis.
  B. infections.
  C. type 2 diabetes.
  D. lung cancer.
13.   Which definition most accurately describes the term anaerobic?
  A. With oxygen
  B. Without glucose
  C. Without oxygen
  D. With glucose
14.   Which of the following procedures attaches the lower part of the small intestine to the reduced stomach?
  A. Gastroplasty
  B. Gastric banding
  C. Gastrosectioning
  D. Gastric bypass surgery
16.   A fad diet is characterized by  A. a varied and balanced menu.

  B. popularity based on marketing gimmicks.

  C. scientific data to back weight loss claims.

  D. gradual weight loss.

17.   The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is mainly determined by  A. age.

  B. body mass.

  C. gender.

  D. fat mass.

18.   Men are more likely than women to use _______ for weight control.  A. diet pills

  B. bingeing and purging

  C. severe caloric restriction

  D. excessive exercise

20.   Morbid obesity is classified as having a BMI of at least  A. 49.0.

  B. 24.9.

  C. 40.0.


  D. 29.9.

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