African American incarceration

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Course Project—Reference List and Outline Due


This week, your reference list and outline are due. Below are guidelines to follow as you complete this assignment.


oYour reference list should contain at least four separate sources, including books, academic or professional journals, respected print media, or newspapers. These can be obtained via the Internet (such as the sites of The New York Times, The Washington Post, TIME magazine, etc.). General URLs, such as Wikipedia, should not be used for this assignment.



oContinue to add to your reference list as your research progresses. This week, you should shoot for four sources; you are welcome to add sources or delete them as needed while your research progresses. However, four sources minimum are required both for this assignment and for the final project submission.



oYour reference list should follow APA format.



oFor the outline component of this assignment, use the outline template provided in Doc Sharing. Think of the outline as an organizational tool that will guide you through the research process.

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