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Students are responsible for writing a response paper at the end of each week.  The paper’s topic will draw from the readings assigned for that week.  The paper’s question (or set of questions) will build off the weekly discussion response.  The purpose of the weekly response paper is for students to demonstrate that they have completed the assigned readings and can critically apply the material to larger questions of history and political economy.  The paper should be four-to-five pages and follow the basic format of: introduction, body, conclusion, and footnotes that follow the Chicago-style format (do not cite in the body of the text).  All papers should contain the student’s own, individual voice that is supported with evidence and facts drawn from the assigned readings.  Other secondary sources used to complement or strengthen your argument are acceptable, however Wikipedia entries and blog posts are not acceptable as sources.


In the attachments there will be everythin included there are three essays that needs to be rewritten They all need to be completed to 4-5 pages and with all the instructions I included in the description here.


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