5 Page Paper


Artist Analysis Project – Due Week 6

1)      Powerpoint project at least 10 slides.

2)      3 or more cited references from journals, magazines, newspapers, not all websites, not Wikipedia

3)      An analysis is a scholarly review of a famous artist and his or her work, not just whether we liked it or not.

4)      Use vocabulary and terms you learned in this class and apply them to your art choice.

5)      Try focusing your topic on one aspect of the art, i.e.

a.       Pick an artist/movie director/dancer/singer/novelist/actor etc. and research that person. Read reviews and critiques of their work, read or watch biographies (YouTube), you might choose to compare two of their works, or compare and contract two artists in the same field, learn about the art technique and why it is used, what it represents, what it tells us about our humanity, etc.


I need this back  by 3:00 p.m. today and will check copyscape.

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