5 page Health Econ Book review


Book Review – Critical Thinking through Writing (CTW) Designation:

Write a 5 page review on either of these two books.

1)Health Care Policy: Issues and Trends, Volume 759 by Jennie Kronenfeld 
2)Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Healthcare Story How to Create and Manage Sustainable Healthcare Systems William A. Haseltine


The review must be a minimum of 5 full

pages (using one-inch margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font, no more than

three header lines on the first page) and a maximum of 7. Your review can be organized

however you want, but should include the following components: the introduction,

summary of the book, discussion of aspects of the book you liked and disliked (based on

sound economic reasoning), conclusion, and references. You must incorporate economic

concepts and provide a detailed, thoughtful analysis of the book, not simply a summary.

The best reviews will critically evaluate the book through the eyes of a health economist,

using the concepts learned in this and other economics courses. Be sure to thoroughly

cite your sources; I will run all reviews through plagiarism-checking software.

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