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Paper Guidelines
Task: Write a 3-4 page essay (A) describing, (B) analyzing and (C) evaluating a speech.

Go to either:

http://www.americanrhetoric.com/top100speechesall.html http://www.americanrhetoric.com/21stcenturyspeeches.htm

And choose a speech to write your paper on.

The webpage will provide you with the essay of the speech and some have audio. You can Google the video of the speech.

Here are some guidelines for composing your essay.

(A) Describe

Describe the context of the event; an explanation of the speeches historical background; an explanation of the primary and secondary audiences of the speech; and an explanation of the structure of the speech.

(B) Analyze

Analyze at least three strategies used by the speaker to meet the needs of the audience at the event (audience analysis).

(C) Evaluate

Evaluate the success of the event; what the purpose of the speech was; if the speakers’ purpose was achieved and how do you know if it was achieved.

**TURNITIN.COM and Grademark

  • Review the detailed Turnitin instructions on how to submit your assignments and how to review the Grademark comments (feedback) from your professor.

  • All written assignments must be submitted to Turnitin Dropboxes by the posted deadline. Assignments submitted by any other means will not be accepted.

  • Turnitin drop boxes will be available within the Assignment Dropbox link off the course tools menu on the left hand side of the page within Blackboard.

  • Within one week after the assignment’s deadline has passed, you will receive written feedback on your assignment. The written comments on your assignment are accessible using the GradeMark function within your assignment submission.

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• Late Submissions must be uploaded in the appropriately labeled “Late Drop Box” by the posted “Late Assignment Deadline”. Late submissions are only eligible for a maximum of 50% of the assignments original point value. 

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