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There will always be positive and negative attributes of any organization due to the sheer diversity of people who are employed there. Each individual brings their own unique set of values to the organization, and like-minded individuals in upper leadership will establish the values of the organization.  As a servant leader in any organization, there are bound to certain issues that don’t sit well with one’s value system. When confronting by those situations, a servant leader has to recognize what to let go, what battles are worth fighting, and where to absolutely draw the line. A person of integrity, a key value in servant leadership, feels compelled to speak up when values don’t align or when behavior doesn’t align with stated values.


Ethically, the servant leader would be wise to respectfully challenge questionable situations with other leaders in the appropriate closed-door forums and not openly disrespect the decisions or character of those leaders. Servant leaders lead by example and role modeling behavior. “Furthermore, servant leadership theory suggests personal values of the leader can impact the resulting corporate culture. Therefore, a servant leader, just by bringing in his or her own value and belief systems, can begin to shift the whole culture towards something unique and different” (Cleverism, 2016). Personally, the deal breaker would be any actions or behaviors that I found to be immoral, unethical, or illegal.



Original Question:

Suppose you go to work for an organization that you discover does not align with your personal values. You are in a leadership role and you are not in a position to leave the job. How do you ethically represent the company without compromising your own beliefs? What is the deal breaker for you? How does ethically representing the company demonstrate your ability to be a servant leader?





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