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Hi, I need to write about this topic and anser all of the question.


it must be between 300-350 words about the topic and the answers for it.


We'll be reading about biases toward out groups (stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination), intercultural conflict, intimate intercultural relationships and intercultural friendships, immigration and adjustment to new cultural environments, global identities, and ethical issues in intercultural communication. 



In this forum, propose a topic for discussion with the class. Describe the issue, tell us why it is important to you, perhaps give us some of your own thoughts about it, and pose some questions that you think will lead to useful discussion. If you have a link to a news article that addresses the issue you are proposing, that would be helpful. Keep in mind that the primary focus is on intercultural communication and the primary purpose is to engage in collective learning, but the issues you propose can be controversial.

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