3 Questions 200 Words Each APA Writing & References & TURNITIN Required


Each question must include at least 200 words.  Must have references including the attached document.  APA formatting and in text citation and TURNITIN required.


  1. What is transformational learning? In answering this question, outline how you would describe the role of transformational learning in your personal degree program. Be sure to apply this analysis with the steps of the theory in mind.
  2. Explain the relationship between experience and learning and explain how do you think reward or credit should be given to adult learners for their non-formal learning (life) experiences in more formal learning environments.
  3. The text gives four possible roles and educator can take while using experiential learning in the classroom. Which of these, if any, has helped you to teach new material or was used with you as a student and it has helped you the most.


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