22 pages paper

topics are here, you can pick from list below:
 Consumer Behavior
Advertising and Promotion
Services Marketing
Cross-cultural Marketing 
 International Business
Cultural Comparisons
client's major is international business
when you after pick the topic write a 1 page abstract first 
 needs to show  professor  
1 page abstract i give you 24 hours 
advice for the topic or abstract 

After reading the abstract, my professor pointed out several problems of the topic on this research paper.

1.       He said that the topic is too broad, if you want to keep the topic, you need to narrow them.

For example, you need to pick a or a group of specific consumer behavior and specific sales of products such as what consumer behavior affect what sales of products.

2.       He does not understand what is the meaning of product mobility, and he strongly suggest I change it.

3.       The professor asked me four questions, what knowledge, whose knowledge, what products, what behaviors

4.       For the data anlaysis part, you should use the methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

5.       The words in the abstract are too big, the professor said that the abstract and the topic are too wide, does not make sense.

6.       It is better to make the topic related to some international business area(such as international marketing, international culture, because my major is international business, there are a lot of topics can choose.


Since he is my supervisor, I have to follow his rules. Please follow the rules, I am appreciate it.

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