2 simple java questions

In Chapter 4, "Decision Structures", there is a discussion on operator precedence. 
Table 4-10 identifies the precedence order of each operator.  In this table, it shows that the && operator is higher in precedence than the || operator.  Discuss why this is necessary.  Provide an example that demonstrates the problem if this order were reversed.  Can you think of a "real life" (non-computer) example that illustrates the issue of reversing the order? 
Question 2: 
Chapter 5, "Loops and Files" 
The section entitled "In the Spotlight", "Designing a program with a while loop" describes the requirements for a project at Chemical Labs, Inc.  Write a letter to the Director of Engineering that describe your concerns, if any, regarding these requirements.  Of course, if you think that the requirements are ok, then you could so indicate in the letter.   You might also comment on the implementation of those requirements in the CheckTemperature.java program. 
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