2 page Paper Operations management


Reflective analysis is a process of critical thinking. The process includes: (1) recollection and interpretation of material; (2) relevance and practical application of concepts and methodologies; (3) organization and presentation. Write this assignment in the two page paper APA format. Consider the following questions when writing the Reflective analysis:

    * What are key concepts?

    * Is there a relationship between various concepts and methodologies?

    * Are there pros and cons?

    * How do I feel about the topics?

    * What concepts and methodologies can be applied in my work environment?

    * What are potential consequences of applying (or not) such concepts and methodologies?

    * How would I go about recommending concepts and methodologies to someone?

    * Can material be summarized for a less knowledgeable audience?

Remember to include in this paper a recommendation for optimal “operations” planning and control activities to include technology suggestions (what, why, how, when); explain/justify your approach and include the process for operations verification (e.g. cycle counting).


By the end of the course the student should:

1. Understand strategy vs. tactics and the relationship to product and service design.

2. Recognize and demonstrate project management components and challenges from a global perspective.

3. Communicate operations components and design, and supply chain management, which includes customer order fulfillment and Corporate Social Responsibility.

4. Summarize various quality control approaches and tools for problem solving and continuous process improvement.

5. Identify technology for supporting operations management, collaboration, and innovation.

6. Demonstrate effective written and virtual communication skills through integration of Course Learning Outcomes in a course project.


Slack, N., Brandon-Jones, A., & Johnston, R. (2013). Operations management (7th ed.). Harlow,


            UK: Pearson Education Limited.

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