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who invented homework?

Who Invented Homework and Why It Is Still Very Important?

Many students come home from classes to continue their studies in the cherished form of homework. Although many utterly despise these exercises, there are lots of benefits of doing mentally stimulating activities outside of school. Lots of students believe that homework started as a punishment. So, is this true, after all? When was homework invented?

The Creator of Homework

The beloved after school activity may have existed for longer than you think. Historians can trace the beginning of homework back to the times of ancient Rome. Pliny the Younger, an oratory teacher during the first century AD, encouraged one of his students to complete rhetoric activities outside of his lessons. After beginning this extra practice, Pliny’s student saw improvement in his skills.

Although some consider Pliny the Younger as the inventor of homework, most people identify Roberto Nevilis as the creator of the modern form of homework. In Venice, Italy in the year 1905, the strict teacher Nevilis assigned his students homework for the very first time. He saw that they were not performing to the best of their ability. As a result, Nevilis wanted his students to have extra practice in the hopes of bettering their education. So, he created homework for them. Whether or not this was an act of punishment remains up for debate. Historians do not know if Nevilis did this to enact revenge on his students, or if he did it to provide extra practice.

Why Homework is Still Important?

Even if Nevilis enacted homework as a punishment, many educators started to see improvements with their students after continually doing homework. By assigning homework, Nevilis believed that students would have better opportunities by selecting when and where they wish to complete their work. Today, many students have these same decisions. You can do homework at any time or any place that seems the best fit.

The level of difficulty of homework may have changed over the last 100 years. You may feel that your teachers provide homework that has nothing to do with the current lesson. For homework to be useful, it should repeat and emphasize what you learned in class. It also should include exercises that allow you to expand your thinking- those that enable you to think critically and analytically. If you have trouble with figuring out the correct homework answers, then there are helpful websites like that help you be successful with your learning.

Roberto Nevilis assigned the very first form of homework over 100 years ago. Today, we can thank him for his contributions to the modern system of learning. Whether or not you actually enjoy doing homework, it still allows you to highlight what you learned in the classroom. If you still struggle with finding the correct homework answers, or with understanding the material, then homeworkmarket is here to help! Type in your question and one of the fantastic tutors can answer your question. All you must do is sign up, and you can complete your homework with ease!

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