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Are you a mathematicain or an artist?

What’s the Difference Between A Mathematician’s Mind And An Artist’s Mind?

In college, among the subjects that you are going to face on a day-to-day basis are math and arts. Sure, they may sound a bit the same, but they actually differ from each other a lot. A fun way to separate them is with their identifiers. If math is more into numbers and formula, art is all about freedom and colors. At the end of the day, they can be separated with the way they are applied in their respective field.

Mathematician Vs. Artist

A mathematician is someone who concerns himself with numbers, formula, and shapes. He could talk to you about how a certain dimension is achieved. Of course, this will be through formula or whatever math-related equation is used. For example, if you need help with Algebra homework, you can rely with a mathematician and his knowledge.

An artist, on the other hand, is somehow subject. It would really depend on the focus. For instance, an artist may be about painting. He could talk to you about the techniques of painting and how colors can be combined to form an art. An artist could also be a follower of music. But considering the field they are related to, there is no doubt that you can derive a fine line between the two.

Difficulty in Definition

If you are to take both math and art, there is no doubt that defining what they really mean is difficult.  Besides, once you move past any preliminary thought that is related to these subjects, you will notice just how abundant they are in every occupation. In other words, defining them in terms is not an easy task to do, let alone the purpose they offer and how people can relate to them.

An epitome of math as something that seems a feat to define is this: Is math discovered or man-made? There are not only two – not even three – but more arguments exist when it comes to this labyrinth of a question. There is the Platonist view and the Formalist view. And boy, the differences of these terms alone are still subtle. This one here is a good reason why, despite the many technological advances, humanity is finding difficulty in defining the true nature of math.

Mind you, the same thing can be said for art. Is it discovered? Or perhaps it is man-made since time immemorial? Some believe it exist in nature; hence, it is a natural form. Others, however, believe otherwise. They think humanity is responsible for its creation.

Math or art? Which would you prefer?
Math or art? Which would you prefer?

When it comes to symbols, it has become a common theme where both of the aforementioned subjects convey various messages or even purposes. In most cases, this delivery of idea is not only via symbols. For instance, there is the so-called mathematical language. It is where different numbers and Greek letters symbolize different quantitative values. For art, colors and pictures can be about representing a certain type of intent or emotion.

A Satisfactory Explanation

As already mentioned above, math and art have a lot of differences – and the list goes on each day. A very straight forward example is the way each of them is conveyed or translated. When it comes to math, the medium would mostly be about equations. Meanwhile, art is pretty much canvas, etc.

It is worth noting that math and art can differ past the supposed superficial level of difference. And if you try to examine and understand the differences of this subject, the harder the distinction between the two becomes. Perhaps a worthwhile explanation is that both of two differ greatly depending on objectivity.

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