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creative ways for homework

The Creative Ways to Do Your Homework in College

When you think of all the things that make college a fun experience, homework is probably nowhere to be found on that list. At the tertiary level of education, homework is no longer just for the purpose of being a refresher of the things you learned in class. Here, homework is expected to develop your foundation for the field you are planning to enter. Assignments are intended to promote qualities such as data collection and inquisitiveness. While this may sound interesting when written this way, if you have ever received an average college assignment, you know interesting is not the word to describe it.

Nevertheless, the work needs to be done. If it isn’t, you run the risk of failing the assignment, which is much more difficult to recover from in college than it may have been in high school. There is an upside, however, which is one of the best things about college. You are expected to bring your uniqueness to your college experience and so you have the creative freedom to alter your experience so long as your assignments are delivered on time. Below you can find a couple of the ways in which you can use your creative flair when doing your college assignments.

Create a Personal Reward System

If there’s one thing we know about humans, it is that the right incentive is extra motivation to get a task done. This is no different with assignments and they can provide a mental boost at the moments where course material is the last thing you want to see.

First, you need to find something that you see as a worthwhile incentive that is sustainable. The sustainability matters as you may want to revisit your choice of incentive for future assignments that are as interesting as watching paint dry.

Video gamers usually have an advantage here as their games are both a hobby and an incentive. An example of using a reward system if you like video games is allowing yourself a half hour of gaming per hour dedicated to the homework. If you can commit to this and end up spending four hours to complete your assignment, you just earned yourself two hours of uninterrupted play time.

reward yourself with a game
reward yourself with a game

Get Help

Remember the common saying “no man is an island?” College is where you want to remember this more than ever as the abilities of others can be a key factor in your own success. Whether you’re just joining a general study group or getting homework help for math, take advantage of all the help systems you can in order to grasp the key concepts that are necessary.

Let Your Music Loose

Everyone has their musical preferences that can help to enhance activities in order to make them fun. There’s no reason why this cannot be applied to doing homework since optimal music for an individual can increase mental energy and the willingness to power through daunting tasks. You know your musical tasted and what motivates you. Make the environment yours and get your assignments done.

Make Use of Goals

This only works if you posses the level of discipline required to follow through. Set targets for your assignments in terms of the timeline that you need to complete them in. In a similar manner to rewarding yourself in the way that was mentioned earlier, you can establish little “punishments” for missing these deadlines so you can be motivated to stick with them.


Not everyone is wired to do homework in the traditional way without being bored or facing some other deterrent. So, whether it’s setting targets, establishing rewards, seeking homework help for math, or using an impressive musical playlist to psyche yourself up, do what you must to get your assignments done once the method is ethical.

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