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Should Parents Be More Involved and Help with Homework?

Homework is a mainstay in today’s education system. Most students return every day from school with some form of outside practice that reinforces what they learned in class. Sometimes, the work can be challenging for students, so they look to parents or other adults that can assist in their studies. There are benefits and disadvantages to just about everything. So, what are the pros and possible cons of parents helping with homework? Should parents even get involved?

For you, as a student, homework may be challenging. It can be difficult to understand content during a limited time in class completely. Although homework tries to help you, sometimes it requires outside help in the form of tutors or parents. As a student, you may reject the involvement of parents in your education. Or, you may want to embrace it. Check out the pros and cons.

Pros to Having Parents Help Out

The main reason why parents like to help with homework is so that they understand what their child learns in school. They can assess the quality of education their child receives. If they feel the quality is inefficient, or if they do not like what their student learns, they can make the proper corrections as to what school their child should attend.

Besides monitoring the content, having parents help with homework can also improve your time management skills. You can learn when and where is a good time to do homework with a parent. Experts say that you should set a routine time to do homework together.

Having a parent by your side can also improve your understanding of the content. They can help to explain ideas that may seem troubling at first. With a parent as a homework helper, you can learn the material simply and possibly quicker. Another benefit is, when it comes to writing or creative exercises, they can help you with generating ideas to avoid writer’s block.

Cons of Having Parents Help with Homework

When parents start getting involved with their children’s work, they may get carried away and do most of the work for you, leaving little time for you to work individually. Experts recommend that parents only give hints to the answers. This is so that their child can still think their way through solving the problem.

Getting too involved may also lead to lower confidence levels. When your parents do most of your homework, you may not be confident in the classroom by answering questions or taking tests. Parents need to understand their boundaries.

A final con is that parents may have to learn the content themselves to help you. It may be years since they studied the material, and the content may have even changed. If you think that it is not a good idea for a parent to help you with homework, then look to websites like All you need to do is type in a question, and one of the tutors can help you solve any issues!

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