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Why physics isn’t as bad as you thought

A lot of students would agree that physics is one of the most difficult subjects in school. They find it difficult to define physics and grasp all the formulas. They get stuck in solving equations. They even have a hard time answering their homework.

Physics is actually one of the most interesting subjects in school. There is just so much to learn about the world and our surroundings and most of them are covered by physics. Physics is a natural science which studies nature and the properties and interactions of matter and energy. It is the most fundamental science among all the natural sciences and the different theories try to study and describe the behavior of the smallest building blocks of matter, the Universe, light, and everything in between. It simply helps us understand how the world works around us.

The reason why many students find physics difficult is because they probably have a lack of understanding of what physics really is combined with the difficulty and dependence on mathematics which is another difficult subject. This discourages students from studying physics altogether. If a student doesn’t understand what physics is and the basic fundamentals and theories of physics, then he or she will have a hard time in understanding the importance of physics in our society and also in their lives.

To encourage you that physics isn’t as bad as you thought, here are some good reasons why you should study physics:

1.Physics is an exciting adventure for the mind which inspires young people and expands their knowledge of nature.

Physics may be complicated but once you start appreciating and understanding what it is all about, you will enjoy learning about it. Physics isn’t just about memorizing equations and solving problems. With physics, you get to do some experiments and that’s the fun part of it.

Physics helps us understand the little things around us just like how a light bulb works, how tsunamis and hurricanes come about, and everything around us. It answers some of the hows and whys that we keep asking ourselves. It explains some of the things that are existing in this world that we don’t know how to explain.

Physics makes us think creatively. It helps us see the world and everything in new ways.

2.Physics is fundamental for the future of technology

Physics generates basic knowledge that is needed in creating instruments and tools that are used for scientific, medical, and engineering research and development. These advances in technology drive the economic engines of the world.

Physics contributes a lot to the scientific advances and discoveries around us. Most of the existing industries such as manufacturing rely a lot on technology that is physics-based.

Physics improves the quality of life by giving basic understanding that are important in developing new techniques and instruments for medical applications like laser surgery, computer tomography, ultrasonic imaging, positron emission tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging.

3.Physics helps you develop critical thinking.

Learning the fundamentals of physics helps you develop your problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Physics theories and fundamentals involves a lot of equations and problems that need to be solved. In order to solve physics problems, it requires critical, analytical, and quantitative skills. You will be able to develop these important life skills as you enjoy learning physics and solving problems.

4.Physics is challenging.

Physics is difficult to understand which discourages students from learning it. Since it is challenging, and it scares a lot of students, it is also the very reason why you should learn physics. You can challenge your limits and learn more about your surroundings.

Physics courses and subjects that are offered in college are challenging because they require mastering various concepts and skills which make training in physics very important in a wide range of jobs and careers.

A lot of interesting courses in college require basic knowledge of physics such as engineering. If you don’t understand the basics, then you will have a hard time understanding more complex subjects that rely a lot on physics. Physics is also much harder to learn after college so it’s better to pay a lot of attention on physics as early as high school.

physics is challenging but also important
physics is challenging but also important

Since physics is a really challenging subject for most students, there are ways to cope with the difficulty that it brings. Here are some ways to survive physics as a student:

  • To appreciate physics and survive the more complex concepts, you must understand what physics is. You must understand the fundamentals of physics in order for you to understand other concepts related to it. This is the reason why physics subjects usually have prerequisites. These prerequisites are there to make sure that the students understand the simpler concepts before they move to the more complex ones.
  • Just like many other subjects you learn, physics is also a subject you can learn with a tutor or get some help in physics homework.
  • You can also ask your classmates or your friends to explain to you those concepts that you don’t understand. They can probably make you understand these concepts in a simpler way compared to how your teacher explains them in class.
  • Check out the physics video tutorials that are available for free on Youtube. You can browse through different topics concerning physics.
  • Read blogs that explain a lot about physics concepts. There are a lot of enthusiasts who enjoy explaining concepts of physics through their blogs or websites.

Before rejecting physics in your life, try to understand what physics really is and try to understand the basics. You will find physics interesting once you learn how important it is in our daily lives. Only then will you truly appreciate physics.

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