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How to Plan Your Day Correctly in College?

College is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. You are likely trying to juggle many different courses and extracurricular activities. You also have to make time for exercise, having fun with friends, and getting enough sleep. It’s important to plan how you are going to spend each day instead of just letting the days happen to you. Unplanned activities do come up, but it helps if you have a flexible day plan, nevertheless.

Don’t Do It in Your Head!

The first thing to know is that with so many things to remember to do, it’s very easy to forget some of them. While you might have a great memory, it’s much more helpful and efficient to get a calendar, notebook, or diary to help you keep track. These days, there are so many options for what you can use. You can use a diary or planner or use a phone app or calendar.

So, don’t do all your planning in your head. Write down or type out a daily to-do list. If you can do this the night before, then you can start the day with even more focus and direction. Make sure you know what classes you have the following day. Get all your books in order and ensure that you have completed any assignments that are due. You also want to plan out your homework and study time. When are you going to study and where? Do you need to find homework helper to assist with some of the more difficult topics? If you plan out and schedule a time to do your homework each day, you are less likely to be doing it at the last-minute right before it is due.

Stay Ahead of Your Goals

Planning is important in life, no matter what kind of goals you have. As a student in high school or college, some of your goals probably include doing well in your current courses. Achieving these goals doesn’t happen by itself. You have to plan and make sure you are making progress towards them throughout the semester. When you plan your day out, you should know your priorities because sometimes there may not be enough time to get everything done. That means that each day or at least every few days, you should remind yourself what your goal is in that course or that school. Remembering that you are aiming for a certain grade and a certain future can help you stay focused.

We have spoken about having goals and making them a priority. This means that when you prepare a to-do list each day, you should be able to divide the items into different lists, even mentally. What are the items you absolutely have to do, such as eating, attending class, and submitting an assignment? What are some tasks that you should get started on but are not yet due? What are some things that need to get done eventually, but there is no rush yet? Having priorities in this way can help you stay ahead of your goals.

One final note about planning your day is that many times the day goes nothing like you planned. Your teacher can decide to move the due date of an assignment, or you can wake up with a running tummy. A family member from out of town can come by to see you, or someone could organize an impromptu birthday celebration for a friend of yours. These things happen that can change your schedule, priorities, and plans. You should have the flexibility to change your plan, and when the day doesn’t go according to plan, you should accept this as a part of life.

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