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How to Overcome Test Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the biggest problems that test takers must battle. The sad thing about it is that both those who prepare well and those who do not prepare at all face it and both groups of people can end up failing as a result. Before going into what you can do, you need to remember that anxiety is a mental thing. The good news about all mental things is that they can be overcome. The first step, however, is having the will, the need, and the determination to get over it no matter how it makes you feel.

Where does anxiety come from?

Anxiety results in a lack of comfort. Ironically, a lack of comfort from multiple sources can also lead to anxiety. While that sounds a bit confusing, comfort is the key point to remember here. The only way to overcome any kind of anxiety is always to maintain a comfortable space.

Test anxiety also starts from a lack of comfort. There are numerous reasons a test can make you uncomfortable. Many of these can be expressed as questions. Why didn’t I study enough? What will mom do to me if I fail? What if I don’t get the grade that I need to pass this class? Do I need to think about spending another semester on this course? What if I didn’t study the right things. What if that one topic I hate comes on the test?

Many of these scenarios are conditional. In other words, they are big “ifs.” The thing about big “ifs” is you can control your narrative where all of them are concerned and one you do that you get your control back. The only kind of test that takes you by surprise is a pop quiz. To maintain your comfort, commit to revising course content daily. In that sense you are always studying so the quiz can never truly catch you off guard.

Apart from a pop quiz, you know when other tests are coming up and you need to maintain your comfort by eliminating all your worries before they happen. The questions listed above and the ones you may ask yourself involuntarily that result in anxiety are all related to failure.

How to overcome test anxiety?

Prepare for the test to be ready at all time

You cannot fail if you prepare well. If you know you have prepared well and you know you cannot fail, your fail to worry. If you fail to worry, you become comfortable.

Here’s an example for you to consider. Geometry may be very difficult for you. The thing about difficult areas is they are learnable. You just need to dig up the right teaching method. If the homework that is supposed to help you to master geometry is confusing, then you can increase your comfort by getting assistance. Getting homework help for geometry is a great way to get the assignment done and have the concepts explained from a perspective that is different from that of the lecturer. This help can very likely be the reason you no longer struggle with geometry or a single topic in it.


The takeaway here is very simple though the actions that result from it can be varied. You need to get yourself to a comfortable place to fight back against test anxiety. The only way to pass a test is to prepare for it. The only way to get past the anxiety that may be synonymous with a test for you is to prepare well enough to eliminate your doubts.


If you know all the answers, what question can throw you off? The preparation may not be simple or free in all cases, but you need to do what must be done to be prepared so you can eliminate your anxiety.

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