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A good night sleep will help you get through college easily

How Does A Good Night Sleep Affect Your Accomplishments In College?

Well, it seems your mom was right after all – sleeping can be very beneficial. This is really true, especially in college. According to a new study, sleeping can greatly improve a student’s academic performance. While it is not really surprising, researchers added that this also leads to improved overall life satisfaction. To put it simply, sleeping improves your concentration and information retention, which are two important qualities in acquiring better grades. In addition, they also lend a help in a lot of ways. This could be anything from boosting your immune system to tempering your weight gain. Here is a list of sleep benefits to college students, so you will be motivated to practice it more often.

Improves Memory

In case you did not know, your mind loves to be busy when you are snoozing. When you are sleeping, you get the opportunity to strengthen memories and nurture consolidation. The latter refers to the process of practicing skills learned when you were awake. For instance, you are trying to learn something new, be it physical or mental. At a certain point, you will learn and master it, thanks to practice. But hey, it appears that something happens when you are asleep. It turns out that you tend to learn better when you are sleeping.

Improves Alertness

Have the right amount of sleep greatly reduces overtired grogginess. As a result, you get a wild burst of fresh energy, which is aimed towards your body and mind. In fact, you can try practicing the famous “NASA nap.” It is basically 26-minutes of sleeping, which has proven to be an effective method for enhancing one’s alertness by 54 percent. Also, sleeping can improve both of your mental clarity and motor skills. So if you have enough sleep, you will surely be paying attention during class. And with that, you are likely to reach for an answer once your teacher calls you.

Spurs Creativity

Seriously, who wants to think – or even be creative at something – when you feel like hugging your bed? If you have an upcoming painting project or music night, try to get some good night sleep. It will spur your creativity and prepare your mind for the task the next day. Apart from consolidating memories and making them significantly stronger, your brain tends to rearrange and restructure them. This process alone is proven to result in more creativity. According to researchers at Harvard University and Boston College, a person can strengthen his emotional components of a memory if and only if he sleeps. This is also another process that can spur creativity.

A good night  sleep will only do you good
A good night sleep will only do you good

Battles Mood Swings

College is a time where most students just feel overloaded, with emotions and stress being the popular ones. If you get easily irritated or you are frequently snapping at your classmates, the likely reason is sleep deprivation. Sure, twenty minutes in the afternoon is not enough to cover the missed hours last night; however, it is already enough to make a huge difference. If you are the type who suffers from depressive episodes – even chances of continuous low mood – not getting enough sleep is not helpful. It can only worsen these symptoms. By making sure that you get enough sleep, you get the ability to alleviate your mood and acquire the feeling of gloom. Even if you are not prone to depression, you still can benefit from the serotonin and cortisol boost that sleeping greatly provides.

Helps You Get Better Grades

This is primarily the number one reason why college students need to get enough sleep. By depriving yourself of it, you will have lots of problems in terms of attention and learning. For instance, you have an upcoming exam. The only catch, however, is that you were not able to pay attention to your teacher because you feel like snoring. So, what happens? Your examination results are bad. This is basically a significant functional impairment at the university or school. A study even shows that students who do not get enough sleep are very likely to get worse grades than those who committed to it. If you are forcing yourself to meet a deadline, it is safe to say that sacrificing sleep is an easy path to take. Unfortunately, things can be severe. Once sleep deprivation becomes a reoccurring thing, your ability to learn will be greatly impaired.

Lowers Stress

As mentioned above, college life is stressful. There is nothing you can do about it. It is inevitable. Nonetheless, you have the ability to lower or reduce its effects on you. And yes, having enough sleep is one of those ways. When it comes to your health, stress and sleep are considered one. Both can also impact your cardiovascular health. Reducing your levels of stress is achievable through sleep. By doing so, you get a better hold of your blood pressure.


So, to sum it all up: get some sleep. It will only do you good.

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