• Find a unique research article via the search Database EBSCOhost (Links to an external site.) using PCC's Shatford Library's (Links to an external site.) service to access information (Links to an external site.) off campus. You might also find the Library Research Guide link in the left course navigation menu useful for this assignment. Your UNIQUE peer reviewed research article you that you locate on EBSCOhost should be about how Earth's seasons are affected by climate change, and be no more than 5 years old. Ask a Librarian via phone or chat for help. NO CREDIT FOR REPEAT ARTICLES. THE FIRST POST OF AN ARTICLE ONLY WILL GET CREDIT.
  • Create a new post where you (10 sentences minimum, using college level writing):
    • Cite the article.
    • Summarize the major research findings in your own words.
    • Comment on the research's potential limitations.
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